Therapy For Panic Attacks.


Feel Better,
Get Better.

With CBT Therapy, a talking therapy like counselling, for treating Panic Attacks and related issues.

A panic attack is a feeling of intense anxiety.

When people have panic attacks they may experience physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, a racing heartbeat and chest pain, trembling, feeling faint, hot flushes or nausea.


Your Therapist

I am Cecilia Robinson, a CBT Therapist accredited by the NCS and a registered member of the BACP. I am passionate about wellbeing and I offer friendly, confidential therapy sessions for treating Panic Attacks and related issues, to help you feel better and get better.

Therapy In A Busy World
All my sessions can be booked online. You can book sessions one at a time, choose different days and times and swap between Face to Face or Online each time, to fit around your life.

Face To Face

Therapy sessions last 1 hour, are delivered at my therapy room in Loughton and cost £75.


Therapy sessions last 1 hour, are delivered conveniently via Zoom and cost £75.

Free Call

Book your Free Initial Call with me, or call now on 07963 197 325, to discuss your needs and find out how CBT can help.


My Therapy Room In Loughton