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What My Clients Say...

''One of the most significant changes I've noticed is my improved ability to manage and control my emotions. Cecilia's expertise in CBT has been instrumental in helping me recognise and reframe unhelpful thought patterns. Her patience and dedication have guided me through this process, empowering me to respond to life's challenges with greater resilience and clarity.

Cecilia helped me understand the importance of prioritising my own happiness and well-being. Through her guidance, I've learned to set healthy boundaries, practice self-compassion, and make self-care a fundamental part of my daily routine. This shift in perspective has not only improved my mental health but has also positively impacted various aspects of my life.

Thank you, Cecilia, for everything you've done for me. You've been a guiding light on my journey to a happier and healthier life.''

A Client With Emotional Issues - September 2023

''I would like to thank Cecilia for the help she has given me. She is compassionate, warm, knowledgeable and wise. She gives excellent, perceptive advice that is based on understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help.''

A Client With OCD - August 2023

''I’ve been working with Cecilia for over five months, and her help has allowed me to regain control of my life after a difficult period where I discovered that I have OCD. Cecilia has made me feel welcome, listened to, and I haven’t felt judged during our sessions. She has helped me to understand the condition and given me tools that I now use every day which have allowed me to return to work and also gain back my independence in many areas such as driving and socializing. I highly recommend Cecilia; she’s been a massive help and I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, guidance and patience.''

A Client With OCD - May 2023

''Cecilia is a very kind, caring and knowledgeable therapist. Having worked with her since last Autumn she's helped me hugely in processing grief and also in recognising and dealing with anxiety at work and in general. She's very easy to talk to and very professional, my sessions with her have helped me so much. At the start of our time together we set goals for what we wanted to achieve and we achieved them all and more. I feel so much better and no longer stuck, I also now have a much better understanding of my triggers and how to deal with them in future. I highly, highly recommend Cecilia. I always felt better after our sessions even the hard ones. Thank you so much.''

A Client With Insomnia And Anxiety - April 2023

''I was in a very bad situation after my beloved partner passed away. I couldn't function at all as I could not cope with his loss. I have suffered also from anxiety due to the trauma, and this stopped my from sleep and even from following a normal conversation.

Thanks to Cecilia I have improved my quality of life. Now, I have come back to work, my anxiety is well controlled and reduced and my life is way better. I couldn't have done this without her advises and work sessions. She helped me to start my life again.''

A Client With Bereavement - December 2022

''Cecilia is a wonderful, caring, professional therapist. She really helped my daughter during the challenging times following the lockdown and also during her GCSE's. I highly recommend her!''

Parent Of A Client With OCD And Anxiety - November 2022

"I started seeing Cecilia about 7 weeks ago now and the improvement with my anxiety and understanding of my anxiety has completely changed! She was so welcoming and made me feel comfortable instantly. I was suffering extremely with panic attacks and we worked through understanding how panic attacks happens and ways to think in a different way to have a new approach towards my panic attacks. I know that maybe taking the first step to start therapy can be intimidating but i cant recommend minding you enough. It created a safe and calm place for me to help myself get better. I can now say anxiety and panic attacks is something i now know how to deal with and it’s no longer in control of me thanks to all of her help and support."

A Client With Severe Panic Attacks - March 2022

"I started seeing Cecilia at Minding You in September 2021 after struggling to cope with serve anxiety and panic attacks that were affecting my day-to-day life. I was initially apprehensive about seeking professional help due to some previously bad experiences but I have found Cecilia to be patient and supporting, allowing me to delve deep into my thought processes in a way that it comfortable and at a pace that has suited me, making the breakthroughs meaningful and inspiring change. Cecilia’s light and positive energy has made me and the sessions feel relaxed and motivated me to continue my self-development journey. Whilst the Minding You session plans have been a great way for me to commit to the sessions and ensure I have dedicated the time and effort to improving my mental health. It can often be difficult to see the progress you have made, Cecilia’s initial phone call set the tone for the rest of the sessions and she is wonderful at reminding you just how far you’ve come! I am now 19 sessions deep and am thankful to Cecilia for helping me to develop tools and healthier coping mechanisms to handle days that may seem to be more challenging."

A Client With Severe Anxiety And Panic Attacks - February 2022

"Working with Cecilia is something that I will never forget or regret. She was so professional and kind; from the beginning, she responded quickly to my enquiry and clearly explained to me how she could help. She helped me learn to literally restructure my thinking and provided excellent support in a number of different areas that I was struggling with. The strategies and tools I have learnt, I can now put into practice in so many areas of my life. I'd like to thank Cecilia for her time and patience with me. I genuinely feel like a much better and happier version of me after working with her."

A Client With Emotional Issues - January 2022

"I've been doing CBT and speaking with Cecilia for a few months now with the goal of helping me cope with my anxiety and she's been fantastic. She is very professional, understanding, easy to speak to, and an all round lovely person. Each session flows naturally and with Cecilia's wealth of knowledge I always finish feeling like I have learnt something new. The sessions have helped me to understand my anxiety and to change my thoughts and behaviour towards it. If you are considering CBT whether remotely or in person I would highly recommend Cecilia and MindingYou."

A Client With Panic Attacks - November 2021

"I suffered with terrible anxiety and I was googling therapists and came across Cecilia at MindingYou. I had contacted Cecilia at the height of my anxiety and I have to say I had ten sessions with Cecilia and she got me through a really bad time. She is very understanding, a good listener and very compassionate. She gave me the tools to deal with my anxiety and made me not fear it. I am now a lot better, although still suffer from time to time but with the tools Cecilia gave me I have it under control and manage it well. I would recommend that if you are in the same boat, please contact Cecilia. She is a wonderful therapist."

A Client With Severe Anxiety - August 2021

"Be brave and contact Cecilia. Let her be part of your life. A brief moment in time that will change your wellbeing forever. She is a lovely kind person who makes you feel relaxed and can open up to. Thank you for all your help and positive vibes."

A Client With Relationship Problems - May 2021

"I went for CBT therapy because I thought I was losing my mind, I could not sleep and concentrate on my job. Cecilia has helped me to improve my sleep and this helped me to sort out everything else. Cecilia is practical, kind and helpful."

A Client With Sleep Problems - February 2020

"When I first did therapy I nearly threw up with anxiety. But with Cecilia's friendly, open and non-judgemental attitude I quickly felt at ease. Her CBT approach clicked with me right from the start, seeing the problem mapped out in an ABC format showed me the way out of it. I tried counselling five times before, but it was CBT that has worked for me."

A Client With Anxiety - November 2019

"I never knew that I felt so angry about certain aspects of my life, becoming aware of these helped me to take action and put things right."

A Client With Anger Problems - May 2019

"I didn't think that CBT therapy would help me but under external pressure I went for it. Now I'm incredible pleased that I did, I am no longer quick to put myself down and I've overcome my guilt."

A Client With Low Self-Esteem - April 2019

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