What My Clients Say...

''Be brave and contact Cecilia. Let her be part of your life. A brief moment in time that will change your wellbeing forever. She is a lovely kind person who makes you feel relaxed and can open up to. Thank you for all your help and positive vibes.''

A Client With Relationship Problems

''I went for CBT therapy because I thought I was losing my mind, I could not sleep and concentrate on my job. Cecilia has helped me to improve my sleep and this helped me to sort out everything else. Cecilia is practical, kind and helpful.''

A Client With Sleep Problems

''When I first did therapy I nearly threw up with anxiety. But with Cecilia's friendly, open and non-judgemental attitude I quickly felt at ease. Her CBT approach clicked with me right from the start, seeing the problem mapped out in an ABC format showed me the way out of it. I tried counselling five times before, but it was CBT that has worked for me.''

A Client With Anxiety

''I never knew that I felt so angry about certain aspects of my life, becoming aware of these helped me to take action and put things right.''

A Client With Anger Problems

''I didn't think that CBT therapy would help me but under external pressure I went for it. Now I'm incredible pleased that I did, I am no longer quick to put myself down and I've overcome my guilt.''

A Client With Low Self-Esteem