I understand that choosing a therapist can be a daunting task, so below are answers to my most frequently asked questions.

What Issues Can I Help With?

Emotional issues




Suicidal thoughts







Grief and loss



Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Panic attacks







Fear of flying (aerophobia)

Fear of confined or crowded spaces (claustrophobia)

Fear of open spaces (agoraphobia)

Relationship issues

Personal relationships
Parent child relationships
Work relationships

Goals and self development

Low self-esteem


Public speaking

Removing obstacles

Achieving goals

​Building resilience

Weight loss

Breaking Habits

Am I Weak For Needing Therapy?

No, you are not a weak person. You are a person who needs support with a particular problem, just like the rest of us. Accepting support is a sign of strength and maturity not weakness, it recognises the fact that we need helps sometimes and can ask for it without putting ourselves down for doing so. Asking for help is normal.

How Can I Know If CBT Is For Me?

This will be established during the initial assessment. However, CBT is for you if you are looking for practical ways to address a problem in a relatively short period of time. While CBT looks at current problems it also goes to the root of the problems which may be placed in the past.

Does CBT Help People?

CBT works very well when clients are committed to their goals. For more information please check out the testimonials given by some of my clients.

Also, clinical research shows particularly good results in clients who undertake CBT therapy and for this reason is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Can CBT Mess Up My Head?

No, CBT has a practical approach and does not mess up your head.  You are in control of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and we work together towards a Goal you chose. You are leading the way and I go with you on your journey.

How Long Is Each Session?

Each therapy session last for one hour and will start promptly at the time you have booked.

How Often Should I Have Sessions?

One session a week is the optimum for good progress, however I know you are busy, so I will do my best to fit around your schedule. It is not recommended to have more than one session a week as this does not accelerate progress.

What Happens If I Miss A Session?

Missed sessions are non-refundable.

Can I Cancel A Booking?

Yes, however cancelled sessions require 48 hours' notice, otherwise we will not be able to refund the booking for you.

How Can I Pay?

All major debit and credit cards are accepted, and if you are booking online you can also pay by PayPal.

What Times Are Available To Book?

Just check out our booking calendar. If you can book, then it is available for you!

Do You Provide An Emergency Service?

No, please note that this is not an emergency service. For emergency support please call the Samaritans, free of charge, on 116123 during day or night.